Climb more than 8,800 meters in one day: Everesting, the challenge for cyclists in confinement

For several weeks, the Everesting challenge has gripped mainly the American cycling community. The goal? At the end of the day, climb a positive elevation as important as the altitude of Everest: 8,848 meters.

Knowing that a big mountain stage on the Tour de France or the Tour of Italy has between 4,000 and 5,000 meters of vertical drop, you can imagine that this challenge is made for the strong. If the records fall over the weeks, mainly due to the absence of professional races since mid-March, amateurs must be careful if they want to pursue this type of record, accessible to a certain cycling elite.

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The robot lawn mower is a great invention. Here is a device that will allow you to mow your lawn in a simple, practical way and above all without any effort on your part. You can thus devote this time to other tasks in the garden or to relax. In addition, most robot mowers are programmable and allow you to start mowing your lawn, even in your absence. It is in a way the ideal gardener to have a perfect lawn, at all times.

Choosing the right device for you is not always easy. It is necessary to take into account the surface to be treated, but also its inclination and its specificities.

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