Backpacking and camping: Travel hygiene tips and tricks

Travel from day to day, meet people, go where the wind takes you. Letting yourself be guided by your desires is great, but sometimes it also leads us to situations that can be complicated to manage. Indeed, the more the miles appear on your odometer, the more you realize that the standard of hygiene and cleanliness are not the same everywhere, and you quickly wonder how to manage this aspect of the trip. Fear not, there are lots of tips.

First of all, the three things to always have with you are cleansing washcloth, hand sanitizer, and face mask.

The cleansing washcloth allows you to wash and refresh. It is beneficial if there is no shower in your area. You can get these washcloths at your local stores specializing in the sale of outdoor equipment or you can also get it online. For example, you can get the Fragrance-Free Essential Bath Cleansing Washcloths. You can clean yourself really nicely with these wipes.

Hand sanitizer and the mask are a must-carry item during any travel. Hand sanitizer keeps your hand clean by simply applying it in your hands and rubbing it together for a few seconds. Sanitize your hands whenever you touch objects commonly touched by the public, like a doorknob or elevator buttons. The face mask blocks viruses from entering through your nose and mouth. It also prevents you from spreading your germs to your loved ones. 


If you are in a van, in road trip mode, get The GSI Outdoor Folding Water Cube - 2.6 gallons, it is perfect for washing your hands or for washing dishes.  

It goes without saying, get the GoBout. You can store and dispense your sanitizers, hand soap, moisturizing gel, and more from one portable device. If you want all your essential liquids in one place, get the GoBout because you can access your must-have essentials all at once. 

One last tip, replace your traditional towel with a microfiber towel. It dries faster, takes up less space, and has very high absorbency. It is best when camping or during road trips. 

Over time, you will find your own little hygiene tips, those that allow you a little more comfort. Stay safe and stay healthy.