10 Ways to Think Like a Minimalist

Minimalism is not just about organizing and managing "material goods". On the contrary, it is also an attitude and a lifestyle. To think like a minimalist person means, among other things, to stop thinking about things we do not have, what we need, or what could make our lives better, all by simplifying our thoughts. 

Here are 10 ways you could implement to think like a minimalist: 

1. Show your gratitude

Do not wait to have some "things", the right age, the ideal job, or having a relationship with someone. Be grateful for what you already have. 

2. Learn to complain less

Do an experiment counting the many times you complain during the day: While driving, when you are late, when your boss gives you more work. How often do you complain? This can help you become aware of the times you complain. Instead, spend that time solving a problem or thinking about your successes. 

3. Stop thinking about the future too much

It is normal to visualize the future you want and plan some things. But do not try to control everything! It is futile to want to control everything because it is impossible to control all the situations we encounter on a daily basis. Try to live as much as possible in the present moment. 

4. Play sports

There is evidence that playing sports helps to release stress, keeps us healthy, and improves self-confidence. Sports are essential for our body and our well-being. So, try to move at least 30 minutes a day.

5. Do not regret

If you think you have done something the wrong way, just think about it! Simply find a way to repair or implement actions to prevent this error from happening again. Say what you think and do not hide your opinion or thoughts without good reason. 

6. Stop criticizing

Criticizing others or yourself does not bring any benefit! On the contrary, it could bring you trouble ... So, why waste your time with this practice? 

7. Think abundantly

If you think you have very little time, little money, no friends, then that's what you're likely to attract ... Conversely, if you think of an abundant and positive way, you find more opportunities for success. 

8. Do something that makes you happy every day

Whether for a cup of coffee, having a good breakfast, reading, watching a television series, playing video games, or playing sports! Take time for yourself and be fully aware of this moment(s).

9. Enjoy the morning

This is the first moment of the day, so having a positive attitude during this time allows you to start your day in a positive note. Adopting a morning routine can help us get up early and allow us to have a good mood. So it's important to do something you like before 9 am.

10. Beware of the time you spend on the Internet

While spending time on the Internet is a very fun thing to do, watching videos of people doing weird stuff may "steal" the time you could spend doing something else, like talking with a loved one or doing things productively or creatively. 

Most of us compare to what people around them do. So the risk is to think that we must do as "the others" to succeed (obviously all depends on who are the others). Having a minimalist mindset allows you to focus only on what we like to do and what we want to achieve. This gives us a clearer view of the things we can do every day to bring us closer to our goals.