Travel Bottles: 7 Things That Make GoBout the Best Travel Size Bottle

When traveling, the much less you have to fear about, the better. That’s why selecting the best travel size bottles is so important for your much-awaited vacation. You need something portable but also easy to use.

Here are seven things that make GoBout the best travel size bottle for your carry-on liquids:

1. Leakproof

When you are at the airport terminal, you must have seen baggage handlers tossing and turning bags. Think about your shampoo or lotion bottle and how it is shaking inside, rolling around and hitting each and every floor alongside the way. This is not good for your bottles.

Thankfully, GoBout is leakproof, which means you do not need to worry about your toiletries leaking when your backpack is being tossed around. GoBout keeps your toiletries safe and makes traveling with bottles not a hassle anymore.


2. Sustainable

Travel bottles do not need to be disposable. Some vacationers dispose of travel size bottles after their vacation. Millions of bottles end up in waste landfills each year, these consist of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and other toiletry bottles that have been used only once.

If you are looking for a bottle that is eco-friendly, GoBout is your excellent bet. With GoBout, you can refill, reuse anytime, anywhere. The main purpose of GoBout is to re-use, possibly reducing the number of empty bottles in the landfills.


3. Labeled

Being able to label your products is very important. You do not want to use one product thinking you are using another. Imaging washing your face with shampoo or conditioner, this would not be a good start to your vacation. Plus, labeling your products makes packing lots easier.

If you want to up your packing game, GoBout is the product that can provide you with tools to label your toiletries that is easily visible. GoBout makes seeing what you are using easy. It comes with stickers to help you label your products.


4. Cost-effective

Buying multiple bottles can cost you a lot of money that you could be using during your vacation. That’s why travel size bottles that are low in cost and can be re-used are a godsend.

With GoBout, you do not need to spend your money in multiple bottles each and every time you travel. Simply get it once and refill it with your products from home, and repeat. You save money and can do more.


5. Refillable and Easy to Clean

If you are like the traveler who loves to explore as much as you can, you likely do not prefer to spend precious time cleaning bottles. Time is of precious commodity when traveling. You need something that is easy to clean and refill fast. 

Cleaning a GoBout is super easy. Take the pump out, rinse it rapidly and you are ready to go. GoBout gives you the ability to clean and refill your toiletries super fast. 


6. TSA Compatible

How annoying is it when you are forced to toss your bottles in the trash while going through the security? Not only you won't be able to travel with toiletries of your choice, you are throwing bottles that will eventually end up in the landfills. 

Fortunately, GoBout complies with air travel rules, which means you can take your GoBout with you when flying. Thus, Grab a GoBout and Just Take Off. 

7. Space Saver

Nowadays, who would not desire more space in their luggage, carry-on or backpacks? More space means you can pack things that can come in handy during your travel. Instead of carrying multiple bottles and taking over all the space, wouldn’t it be nice if you could carry all in one?

GoBout saves your space by providing you the option to carry all your toiletries in one place. You can customize, store and dispenser your products from one portable device, saving you space and giving you the flexibility to explore more.


Now that you know GoBout is the world's best travel size bottle.
It is time to Go B Out!