About us

A story of an idea born in the Himalayas. Made in America. 

 The idea of GoBout came during a hiking and camping trip in the Himalayas.

BB and his friends were setting up tents into the night.

It was a long day of exploring.

BB needed to use his lotion. Turns out, he forgot to pack his lotion. Also, BB spilled one of his toiletry bottles while looking for his lotion. BB was dry and frustrated. So, he started thinking of a solution.


BB came back home to Boston and invented GoBout. 




The biggest challenge in designing GoBout was achieving simplicity. How should the user select different products to dispense? How do we avoid accidental leaks? How to refill empty canisters in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way possible? BB researched every conceivable dispensation method.
In the end, BB achieved all of his goals without sacrificing function or form. The final GoBout design is a simple, elegant solution to a real problem.