Our Story

A story of an idea born in the Himalayas. Made in America.

The idea of GoBout came during a hiking and camping trip in the Himalayas.

As founder BB was walking up the mountain, his skin got very dry. He needed to use his lotion, turns out he forgot to pack his lotion.

BB thought there had to be a better way of packing toiletries. So, while sitting on a mountain top, BB imagined of a product that can dispense all his toiletries.

BB came to Boston and began working on his newly imagined invention.

BB 3D printed over 50 versions of GoBout. After achieving two functional prototypes, BB launched his idea on Kickstarter and Indiegogo to get funding for product development.

After blockbuster success with crowdfunding campaigns in 2017, it took BB fifteen months of product development to bring the GoBout to life. In 2019, GoBout is ready for takeoff. 

Meet BB

"I was born in Kathmandu. I moved to America when I was fifteen years old. While growing up in Nepal, I didn't have the opportunity to bring my imagination to life. After moving to Boston and learning, I was able to bring my idea to life. I truly believe GoBout is the future of traveling more with less and helping the environment." 

Thank you so much for your support, and hey just Go Be Out with GoBout, the world's first portable multi-dispenser.